What next?

Hello there! and welcome once again to my blog.

Outreachy has been one awesome experience I don't want to come to an end and it won't because I'll continue contributing to Fedora and open source.

So far I've completed lots of projects and gained a hand full of skills and from a large organization.

I've gained experience in Python programming, building software from source, RPM building, testing quality assurance, GIT and a whole lot more.

I've successfully built so many softwares for the Fedora OS like; python-pooch, Shybrid, pyhton-astor, python-glymur, python-mne and lots more I've edited Fedora docs 😄, I am a member of the NeuroFedora team and a part of Fedora as a whole ❤️.

I got to meet expereienced programmers and the best mentors.

I most definitely will not let all this knowledge go to waste, I will continue to contribute to Fedora and improve FOSS.

I can't believe how much I've achieved in this short time.

Outreachy is the best ❤️