Week7 Blog Post

Hello there! and welcome once again to my blog.

This is about a journey of adventure, headaches, victory dances and learning!

What was my original internship project timeline?

Week 1-2: Learn the Fedora package maintainer process, and improve existing packages via pull requests to practice the workflow.

Week 3-5: Go over the NeuroFedora packaging queue and identify a list of tools for packaging

Week 6-9: Follow the Fedora package maintaining process, and submit packages for review.

Week 10: Follow the review process and make necessary improvements to submitted packages.

Week 12: Submit packages for QA, test them, update documentation.

What have I accomplished in the first half of the internship

I would say being an open source contributor is the biggest achievement so far as this is my first open source project, also i contribute to an organization as big as Fedora.

For this first half i've being able to package python spec files,make updates and even review other packages, learn more about git as i practice. Generally i think I and my mentor have already gone over list 😄

What project goals took longer than expected?

The projects I found most challenging was learning how to write blogs for non technical audience, but my mentor carefully took me through a session where he explained the bits of writing for a non technical audience and i'm sure with more practice i'll get better.

Also building some packages took longer than expected, but with some help of course i had my victory dance.

What would I do differently if I were starting the internship over?

If i was to start my internship over again? well i wouldn't change much because i love my learning curve and speed, though some times it's challenging and i spend more time on projects than expected but my mentor tries to help me out and modify my timing to help me understand better.

But... i think i should have started taking notes earlier as i forget alot of little details 😄

What is my new plan for the second half of the internship?

I plan on making notes at every step and also timing myself to catch up with my given tasks.

My Outreachy internship has really been awesome, it gave me the opportunity to be part of a bigger community, to learn things i never knew about, to meet awesome people and become a better version of myself.