Everybody Struggles

What am I really doing?

RPM packaging with Fedora. RPM files are like zip files (compressed) composed of different softwares mixed to work together.

Let's just say an RPM packager does the packaging so users can simply use a command line to install softwares e.g

$ sudo dnf install fedora-packager

Before Outreachy I did not have the slightest idea of what packaging was all about as a matter of fact it was completely new to me.

How it all started

Scrolling through lists of outreachy projects, I came accross the NeuroFedora project and I picked interest in it because it did not require much (lol) ... I joined the Fedora community and jeez I was lost, everything was so new I just wanted to give up, but I saw other applicants curious and asking questions. So I decided to give it a try.

I read the docs sent by our mentor (Ankur Sinha)

Well... I was getting a hang of it but not so much and gosh I was intimidated by how much my collegues were picking up already. I decided to write my mentor (private) and he replied! He led me to the open chat where I mustered up courage to ask questions about my uncertainties and within few weeks I was already packaging for Fedora.

The most interesting part is till now I "always" get stuck on projects and still seek help from my mentor and community members. I've learnt through the journey that no one really knows it all but you can strive for mastery by consistency, openess, and willingness.