Career Opportunities

Where I am so far is all thanks to Outreachy. This is my first internship, my first open source project/contribution, my first real work experience and it's really been amazing how I've come to love the tech industry.

Fedora gave me the opportunity to learn more about the Linux distro. Now I make applications for the Linux Fedora operating system. I'm sure with a little research I'll be able to package for other Linux distros 😊

Thanks to my mentor Ankur Sinha I've not only learnt packaging, but also how to communicate better, I've learnt team work, I've got a better understanding of python and most importantly I have learnt there is so much I can do.

Through Outreachy I've gained this awesome experience and I will not stop here. I am open to work and improve my skill, I can work remotely or relocate if need arises, I can work full time or part time jobs, I can also work on team projects.

I'm really looking foward to more exciting tech opportunities 🚀